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Elizabeth felt a small pain in her heart at that. No smiles. Nothing. He didn’t recognise the gesture…Her heart felt broken when he left her to it, she wanted to hug him forever and just get her brother back.
"I’m sorry…." she whispered.

Sherlock settle to his bed. Took him a while before he finally drifted off to sleep. By the time he woke up, it was already evening.

He turned the doorknob and walked outside, wondering if Elizabeth was still around or left.

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travelleroftheskies → She became hesitant but nodded faintly at him, her eyes looking over his features. It was as if a war was going off in her. "Yes." Maybe it was Sherlock, maybe it wasn't. All she knew was she wasn't sure what she was doing. Just...going with it.



Gemini’s smile was now almost manic. His face leaned closer, meeting her face until just one move and they’ll be kissing. He decided to test her, curious. "Everything? Even kill?"

His words sent chills through her body and a laugher was coming from the back of her mind. With her hands tugging slightly she shut her eyes and turned her head away to the side. 

It didn’t entirely take long till everything seemed to go black, or maybe it was the innocent side of herself burned within. It seemed to be quick that with each thrust within her was quick to turn into something from not so pleasurable to pure pleasure. Opening her eyes, the colour was dark and Vixen was there to play.

Turning her had to look at Gem, she grinned faintly. “Cut me again and call me your bitch.” She let out in a mere whisper.

Gemini realized the sudden change on her tone of voice when she spoke, causing him to grin. Vixen was out and would play with her.

"It’s about time, your bitchness~" Gemini leaned down kissing her lips as his blade touched her skin, earning another line of blood as it glides on her. 

"You’re my bitch. Mine to use and play with. Understand?" He breathed against her ear as he continued to thrust inside her in a quick pace.

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"No… Well, yes. Just not recently." She smiled faintly, and let her fingers draw circles on the table top. 

After a moment, she looked up, and smiled a bit. “Hello, Aaron.” 

A man in a tailored suit, with dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, a slim body, yet a powerful look in his eyes. 

"With a few notable exceptions," He replied, in a voice that was sensual, powerful, and irresistable. 

Sherlock couldn’t deny the imminent look of surprise on his face. Surely he never noticed the sound of a car arriving, if he has one, or any type of transport that would escort him to where they are.

So how it did happen that he just appeared? Teleportation maybe? Though was there such thing that could be explained right now by science. Even if the idea has been stirred for centuries, the human knowledge and the advancement of science had never gotten that far yet.

The tone laced in his words had reached Sherlock’s ears as he stared the man in front of him. His sudden movement for a bit made it appear as if he’s somehow affected by his presence.

Bespoke suit says he might have living in a bit of luxury or how he cares about his appearance. Indeed a bit charmng that could come off as manipulating if the man’s already aware of it. Age, quite young looking yet the eyes…

It’s the eyes that made him wonder a lot of things about the man. It looked like he had seen a death of an era and a birth of a new century.

"So this is him." Sherlock hadn’t noticed he was saying those words out loud until it was too late.

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//As much as I’d like to stay right now, I have to prepare for my therapy. So I’ll be going. I’ll try to answer threads once I’m back.


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I want to rp with you, but I don’t think you want to rp with me: a book by me


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Anonymous → [Text] Darling, I don't mind, really -Kathelyn [Text] What you mean by "pills"? My experiments are great. Nobody died so far -Kathleyn [Text] Well, there's always a first time for everything so, better you bring those pills. Just in case <3 -Kathelyn [Text] Ps. You missed my birthday -Kathelyn

[text] You’re even dubious of your cooking. SH

[text] Did your husband eat it? Is he still alive? SH

[text] I did? When’s your birthday? SH

[text] I’ve been forgetting things lately. Hmm… SH

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Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then tag ten of your followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard, but it will make you feel better. So give it a go for the sake of spreading positivity!

  1. I know how to sew (I’ve sewn a dress and a bustle skirt.)
  2. I love taking photos. I have a page in Facebook that serves as my photo archive.
  3. I started writing again outside rp and I received a good response from a friend of me when I let her read it.
  4. From 140 lbs. I’m down to 137lbs.
  5. I have less dark thoughts, maybe? Thanks to therapy, I guess.

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Second Chance (Danny) || boysofengland


While the detective was taking his time to ‘prepare’ for their guest, was Danny looking around. He walked over to the giant book case, for a moment forgetting that this wasn’t his house. Well, not really. It reminded him a surprising amount of his time in kinder garden. Of course, that time was long behind him, but he could still remember where he had his own little corner, where he and his friends would craw into- beneath the staircase that lead to some sort of hut, and they’d play with stuffed animals or looked at pictures of books they weren’t able to read.


Then he heard something about separated rooms, and he snapped his head up, feeling his shoulders sink in a little. He had always enjoyed being in bed with Sherlock. Wether it was them making sweet love, lips nipping each others necks- too dangerous that they would get caught if they used teeth. Or if they where just snuggling, enjoying each others company, or even just talking. and Danny was always in Sherlocks arms. Even though he was ‘dominant’, he was simply too small for them to lay comfortable. So he had accepted it, and choose his spot in Sherlocks arms.

Hearing that those times wouldn’t happen anymore. Or at least, not anytime soon, made it feel like they really had..


"No." He said a bit more sudden than he had meant to, before swallowing and feeling his cheeks bloom a darker color. “Y-You don’t have to tidy.” Nice safe Daniel. “I enjoy your room like this.. Mine was the same.” He smiled a bit more encouraging to him.

Sherlock’s eyes darted back to Danny when he heard him say no. It seemed that he was having a conversation with his own self, something he wasn’t sure what about.

Until the man mentioned about him tidying up. He looked at him quietly, watching his movements closely. "O…kay." He then placed the folder he just picked up to the table below the bull skull.

"…Thank you. I… I apologize if it’s untidy." Sherlock’s eyes automatically looked down, movements slowly coming out from months of his submission with Danny, although the man had been a good Dom. Probably just for respect really.

But he shouldn’t be acting like that anymore now, should he?

Finally, he snapped out of it as he shook his head before he went back to the kitchen to turn off he stove and prepare the tea.

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Across Life and Death || Winglock || hisloyalbloggerjw


"Well, it’s not your job anymore." John replies.

He grimaces as his leg trembles. John tugs his way up onto the counter, settling down on it.

"Don’t worry about me anymore."

Anger suddenly seeps through the angel when he heard John’s last words. With his eyes sharp and dangerous, he looked at him.

"If I won’t worry about you, you’ll die." There was no doubt about that.

Watching John wasn’t all just a job for him.

He turns around and walked back to the sitting room as he took a bite of the stupid sandwich.

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Waking Up || hisloyalbloggerjw


John leans in and presses a gentle kiss to Sherlock’s lips.

Thank you.

He nuzzles Sherlock before pulling away.

I need to go shower.

Sherlock hummed John’s kiss, smiling as the man pulled away.

You’re welcome.

He watched John as he head to the bathroom.

John, I love you.

He said quietly, before he went his way to the kitchen to at least prepare tea for the both of them.

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