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shallnotdisappoint → Sherlock took a seat as he waited for John, he looked flustered whilst the scarf covered his neck and mouth all good. His hands shielded well by his gloves and inside his coat pockets.



John had one hand stuffed into his coat pocket and his other carrying his briefcase, and obviously a sign he had come straight from work, though his hair showed signs of using the shower at work quickly before he left. The doctor smiled as he saw Sherlock, waving to him a little as he stepped up then sat next to him. “Hello”

John chuckled as Sherlock got the chocolate, leading the younger man over so that he could put it in the basket and lean against him if he needed, wanting to give him support so he wouldn’t fall. “Good, let me grab some soup and more tea and then we can check out alright? Will you be able to make it?”

As he spoke John led Sherlock to the next two isles, grabbing first their regular tea and some extra before going to the soup isle, picking out some regular soup and then Sherlock’s favorite, putting some in the basket before they went to the self check-out, wanting to try and get everything done as quickly as he could to get them back to the flat.

The younger man only hummed and nodding rather carefully, a smile still etched on his lips as he placed the chocolates in the basket. He might be feeling dizzy but it hardly mattered now.

For all John knew, Sherlock has been reliving a memory of his childhood. Or probably, he just went to his child-like state, assuming that he might be dreaming. The original Sherlock— the one, who has full access of all his memories — would groan out of embarrassment should he remember out about this.

The consulting detective followed almost sluggishly but remained his hand with John’s, not really caring how long he does need to stand until it’s over.

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She went over and opened the door. “Yeah…we’re good. Just a false alarm,” she told him.

"That’s good to know. Come, Emilia." Greg reached out his hand for Emilia to hold as he smiled. "Your Dad and I want to speak to you. Sherlock had told us everything."

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Fresh Air || stbartsxfinest


"You’re welcome." Molly smiled softly at him, large brown eyes fixed on his currently blue ones. "Right, have you had enough of me yet? Or do you want to do something else? I guess you still have more questions. I can try and do my best to answer anything you might think up." Molly sat back, sighing a little as she waited for her fate. 

"Asking if I’ve had enough of you yet sounds as if I’m getting exhausted in being with you. And that it untrue. I do enjoy your company really. But right now, I don’t have questions that needs answering. Rushing things make my head ache." He smiled wryly.

"Although, if you have work to do, I’d be glad to take you back."

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skythetroll → Cealum walks to visit Sherlock for the first time in what seemed like forever. Her hair was braided tightly and she wore a nice Lolita style dress. She looked nicer than normal. " h...Hello, Sherlock. It's been a while... Did you get my letters?"



It’s been a long time indeed when Sherlock saw Cealie. “Hello… Cealie.” It took him a while before he managed to remove the formalities. His eyes drifted to the dress she’s wearing. A jumperskirt, a long sleeve shirt and other accessories that made her younger than she was. “Unfortunately, I haven’t. By the way, you look good in your dress.”

She slowly nods. ” im sorry. From now on I shall try.”

"Thank you." He nodded as he let out a deep breath. "Where are we going to meet for your event?"

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one has visited the brownstone


       Watson eyed the skull curiously. “Mhmm,
    it’s a shame I’ll miss him then. I can only stay
    so long.” She said, bringing her attention back
    to Sherlock. “Do you not have a case currently?
    You had that bored expression my Sherlock gets
    when there’s a lack of interesting cases.”


       ” Unfortunately, I don’t. I don’t trust myself
    enough to be able to solve cases like what
    I’ve been told before” He feared he doesn’t
    have enough knowledge to solve one.


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Mama I’m in Love With a Criminal |au| Shallnotdisappoint


Sky titled her head a bit with a light laugh escaping her when he spoke. “I am allowed to mug your dignity. I’m your wife.” She stated pulling away a bit before making a face. “That is not-sort-really-true.” Even if she said it wasn’t true, she did enjoy her long showers, only because she had her music on and relaxed most of the time.

A large smile curled on her lips when he wrapped his arms around her causing her to lean into his touch. “You have fun with that.” Turning her head she kissed his cheek before removing his arms from around her as she headed to the bedroom.

With the door shut, she kept a faint smile on her lips before scurrying to get her device from the night stand, sending a message to one of her men to let them know what is happening. Once it sent, she got dressed in her professional wear. A white dress top with a black blazer and black pants. Sliding on her heels, she moved to the bathroom to make sure he hair was fine and she looked good. With her device in her hand, she headed out into the kitchen. “Alright, I’ll be back.” She said walking over to him, giving his butt a light tap and a light kiss on the neck. “Better be dressed by the time I come back.” She stated before finally turning to leave the flat.

Sherlock simply shook his head as he started to wash the dishes. It took him few minutes before he was done and clean the kitchen. He wasn’t really keen on making the place tidy, but he somehow thought that one of them at least try to. Hence little by little, he learned.

Once done, he head on to the bathroom and took a good bath, putting on his shirt and trousers and finally prepared his gear — his well-cared camera — and took a seat in the sitting room, waiting for Sky.

Speaking of Sky, she should be back by now. She’s been out for almost thirty minutes already…

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Molly sighed at the words ‘new experience.’ She supposed it would be, for the both of them. She showed him the specific way they went about labeling each organ. 

"This particular person has donated their body for experiments and such. It’s always best to get to work right away." She explained, mostly to herself. She wasn’t sure if Sherlock really cared or not. 

The work itself was rather routine for her, however, it went a little faster with Sherlock’s help than if she were on her own. “In a bit we’ll take a small coffee break. Do you still take it, black with two sugars?” She asked. 

Soon, after Molly showed him what and what not to do. Once done, he too started to work, carefully labeling one by one and asking her at times when there are parts that he wasn’t familiar with.

He was too focused in his task that he wasn’t able to notice Molly speaking, that he too began to talk in tune with her last words. “Yes, black coffee with two sugars, if you please.”

It was too late when he realized, immediately looking back at her. “…I mean, yes.. two sugars in my black coffee is enough, thank you.”

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Anne smiled, and paused for a moment, then moved to unlock her phone, just under the top of the table, keeping the lock a secret. She dialed the number, and spoke in french, managing to get Aaron to come in five minuets. Relaying the message, she smiled a little again at Sherlock. “I do hope that you believe what he is. Many people do, after all.”

Another curiosity, another confusion that seemed to lean on his interest in meeting the man more.

"And what is he, in the first place?"

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make me choose »   and  asked:

fetus asa or manly man asa

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