It's best if you stay away
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"Why? This is rather fun isn’t it?"

"I’m not forgotten!" Sherrinford protested, though this man that was his brother but wasn’t, who were they again? Gemini, but they were Sherlock, they had to be, they looked and sounded and-but-no. Sherrinford shook his head and closed his eyes as though hoping this was all a bad dream and he would up in his own bad and it would be fine. "No, I don’t want to volunteer, you can’t-why-where’s my brother!" he hoped nothing bad had happened to Sherlock and that this creature hadn’t hurt them.

"Truth hurts, isn’t it?" Gemini’s fingers brushed Sherrinford’s cheek. "But it is true. People often forgets about you. And isolate you as if you weren’t there at all. Unimportant.” He clicked his tongue while his face showed sympathy, albeit feigned. 

Seeing the younger Holmes all panicky and scared made him smile even wider. "I’ve told you, I am him." He made a soft pat on the cheek before taking Sherrinford’s hand and placed it on his chest. "Though he won’t wake up for a while. He’s sleeping and loving the place where he is. By the way, no one’s here, right?" He knew that their parents aren’t here, as he remembered, they’re going some where for business. "And Mycroft’s not around so, you’ll be stuck with me." He then punched him in the jaw all of a sudden. "Trust me, you’ll going to love it."

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Anonymous → {Text} kiss, kiss, kiss. -I<3A



{text} I thought you’re tired of me, Irene. SH

{Text} Well. If you want to go and die, know that my life will become very, very dull without you. ~I<3A

{Text} You don’t understand, Irene. By the time I die, your Sherlock will return and that’ll make you happy. SH

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"I’d rather you get bodies from the morgue then myself." He simply stated, furrowing his brows at the man. 

"Well, that could be a bit boring." Gemini stopped all of a sudden, his head turning to the doctor’s direction. "I’d like doing it rather personally. Ah! Let me guess." He stood from his seat and walked across to meet his eyes. "You’re thinking, I’m him, aren’t you?” 

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I am bored. 

Then entertain yourself.

"Well. I can do that. But that would mean collecting bodies. If that’s okay with you, Doctor Watson, then I’ll do so… starting with you." Gemini smirked
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I am bored. 

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